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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Zoo in Need

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I know, it's been a long while since I've posted.  But on mornings like this when I can't sleep anyway, not only because of the caffeine in my migraine relief pills but with so much on my mind, I might as well write for a good cause. 

Yesterday (and the night before), a huge flooding occurred in Duluth and the surrounding areas.  One might think, how does a city on a hill flood?  Nine inches of rainfall in a short amount of time will do that when there are large bowl-like areas to be filled and the ground can only be saturated to a point.  It will also happen when culverts and water mains are overloaded and cease to function as they should.  It happens.

Two parts of this are close to my heart.  One of these is that the houses of my soon to be sisters were affected, one worse than the other.  I keep them in my thoughts and prayers as they try to sort out the mess that used to be the bedrooms of their children.

The other is Lake Superior Zoo (LSZ).  While still in college at UMD, I began volunteering there, thinking I would get experience in animal science and zoo keeping.  It ended up completely changing my career.  LSZ has such a wonderfully organized and easy to follow training program for their docent volunteers, that it was easy to be convinced that I should get involved in more and more activities until I realized it was also a job possibility.  The animals, youth, staff, and other devoted volunteers drew me in and unknowingly showed me that Environmental Education was the route for me.  Three years later, I reluctantly left to pursue a higher degree in Minneapolis.  I have since missed the place, and tried to keep in touch with the education department.  I was admittedly better at that during the first few moves I've made over the years. 

The Zoo has been through changes, both good and bad.  They had attained AZA accredidation, they later lost it.  They have been on budget cuts and hiring freezes, lost long loved animals to natural causes, and now more than ever, they are devastated.  Having lost most of their barnyard animals (if not all?  I can't get a good read from the news) and their snowy owl to this flood, there is a need for help.  This zoo has been underfunded for so long as it is, and to just have gotten their AZA accredidation back fairly recently after all their struggle to do so, hearts are breaking today.  If you live close, volunteer.  If you don't, you can donate.    I have donated, but also plan on doing some fundraising with Keep Them in Stitches as well in the near future.  I will post more later. 

Take care and may all your families and homes be intact,


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