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I'm a 30-something girl shaping my life to be what I've always wanted. I've been incredibly fortunate to have never dealt with any major mental health issues despite both parents having many. I can't believe the luck and take none of it for granted. I hope to reach out to others who may live the same life.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Suddenly, everything I do must be with caution. The way I plan every single day matters and will affect the days following. Normally, this is true regardless, but in this case, it's become tightly linked.

Ultimately, not everything is as it seems, and until all is said and done, you can't be sure of anything. One would think I had learned this lesson in life already. Those of you who know me understand what I mean. I think it's time I realize that just because someone says they will do something, one should ALWAYS have a back up plan. Always. Trust is a loose word in our day and age. It is also not one to be mixed with business.

Apparently, we can't even trust that someone will not back up and nearly over you when in a parking lot. You know how you usually walk closer to the parked cars through a parking lot to your car to avoid the moving ones? Never trust that the driver of the running vehicle will remain parked. They may just hit that gas pedal as you are about in the center of their rear bumper while others make comments with their hands to their mouths in awe of the stupidity of that driver. Was she talking on the cell phone? I was running too fast in my heels to notice and shaking my fist too vigorously directly thereafter but I'm betting anything that she was. I couldn't have possibly known after the fact since she continued to drive out and away without even so much as a wave of apology.

Representative of how I've been feeling in general (insert SUV and me with a shopping cart, heels, and pigtails here):

It just goes to show that people rarely care about anything but themselves, or maybe they're just not paying attention. So what if you're in a hurry to get somewhere after your last minute holiday shopping? It's still worth it to take a second to avoid those fellow patrons who are attempting to get to their cars safely.

Maybe my semi-bitter attitude toward the world would be solved with some good volunteering. You can never feel better than directly after something like that. Even if it's just for an hour or a minute. And actually, I did just that to calm myself down by letting a driver into the lane in front of me since no one else did. I've been there with blinker flashing for a half mile at a time and missed my exit because of it.

There are opportunities to help someone everywhere you look if you are seeing, and not just looking.

So today, look. See. Do.

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