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I'm a 30-something girl shaping my life to be what I've always wanted. I've been incredibly fortunate to have never dealt with any major mental health issues despite both parents having many. I can't believe the luck and take none of it for granted. I hope to reach out to others who may live the same life.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wild Life

So I may not lead the typical crazy or wild life, but when it comes to my job and the things that can go wrong in it, it has been a little nuts.

For those of you who may have seen or heard it on the news, yes. There was a gorilla escape this past week. And yes, I'm alive and well. I'm not at liberty to really talk about it, but I will say in the end everyone is ok, and the poor gorillas are on lock down for a bit. While waiting for it to end, I half expected to see a gorilla go waltzing down the sidewalk past the door, but really, I have to say our establishment is really on top of things. It was handled incredibly well, and that is exactly why we still have 2000 people coming on the same day something like that happens.

It does bring a striking reminder that you can never really take anything for granted. When reading over the policy we have on what to do if a dangerous animal does escape, you don't really feel like that could happen. The same applies to life. You prepare yourself for horrible things to happen, praying that they never do. But it's the ones you didn't even realize you'd need to prepare for that hit you the hardest.

I have a tendency to imagine what I'd do in bad situations, but I feel like that little bit of time mentally dealing with it up front most likely better prepares me for things that actually do happen. I would not consider myself a morbid person because of it, mostly because that does not dominate my thoughts. I wonder if studies have been done as to which is healthier? Ignoring negative feelings or letting them run their course in your head? My best guess is that just like with most things, it's a different result for everyone.

The philisophical thoughts that run through my head on a day off. Other things on my agenda? Picking up odds and ends at the grocery store and cleaning the house. Looking forward to pay day at this point, I'd love to be able to buy my ticket home eventually.

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